Ride 4 a Woman was set up in 2009 by Evelyn Habasa and her husband Denis Rubalema. The organization exists to support local women struggling at home with issues associated with HIV, domestic violence and poverty.

More than 300 women from 11 villages now use or work at the Ride 4 a Woman community centre, where they can learn to pedal sew, weave baskets, dance, sing and drum; learning new skills, making a living and making it possible for their children to gain an education.

The organisation also offers microfinance, helping women to help themselves and support their families. To date over 100 women are actively engaged in the Ride 4 a Woman Microfinance Program.

This retreat in the local community offers local women a place to stay, something to eat and a wage while they learn new skills. Every day they welcome visitors to Stay, Learn, Shop or simply drop by to see what is going on.

We are so honoured to be working with such an incredible charity and being a small part of a big change in these women's lives.

By purchasing one set of Sons PJs you are paying a full day's wage for 3 women.

Sleep Well,